Plans of Stonehenge

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plan of Stonehenge

……………Above: general plan of the more substantial features of all periods


Plan of Stonehenge with stones 'restored'

….Above:  a reconstruction  including the  later  ‘barrow’ earthworks

.. Stone_Plan

Above: the central stone structure today. This is the most accurate plan of Stonehenge you will find on the web, it’s been copied many times now, without credits! The plan is a composite of every survey made to date, and checked against a measured survey made on site using CAD, but be aware that restoration in the 20th century has moved certain stones from their original positions.  Below: a computer reconstruction of Stonehenge at its zenith (around 2,000 BC) showing what survives today

Stonehenge reconstruction

A reconstruction of Stonehenge

Stonehenge contours

Stonehenge contours at 0.075m intervals

Above a surface contour map of Stonehenge. The ground rises from c. 100m above sea level on the east (blue), to c.103m to the west (red). Below, the same data used to model a vertical exaggeration relief model showing features that are otherwise imperceptible; note the mounded area within the centre which appears to predate the stones (compare with above).

Vertical eaggeration of Stonehenge surface topography

Vertical exaggeration of Stonehenge surface topography

© A. Johnson 2008

For a larger plan of the central stone structure also adapted from ‘Solving Stonehenge’ readers may wish to visit the Wikipedia Stonehenge website.


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