UFOs, Aliens, and ‘Gold memory Devices’ …


I read with amusement a ‘theory’ being discussed on some blogs and web forums about how these Prehistoric gold lozenges were ‘alien artifacts’ and had come from a ‘UFO that crashed thousands of years ago in southern England’. Apparently it appears that the decorative panels contain ” the key to understanding the atomic structure of carbon- the secret of  life itself ” – something to do, it seems, with the cryptic ‘hexadecimal code’ inscribed on the gold sheets. The idea has been around for years – but found new energy when someone in Australia insisted that the Earth was to be visited by aliens on the 14th of October 2008, a day that came and went, as usual without the aliens bothering to turn up.

This ‘theory’ is of course true sensational ‘Erich Von Daniken’ stuff, in fact I’m surprised he hasn’t latched on to them already. Perhaps the most outrageous part of the speculation was the idea presented by its protagonists that certain people had know about this for years, and that there has been a cover up – but had to be ‘released’ and described as ‘archaeological finds’ when a researcher published the secret code, yet another conspiracy theory!

True, it’s a fact that this lozenge, found near Stonehenge, does indeed have a very clever hexagon-based design, and a second found a good few miles to the south, was constructed using the geometry of a decagon. One person had even worked out the speed and direction of the UFO’s impact based on ‘separation of the two objects’! And yes, the items are early Bronze Age (i.e. around 4,000 years old), but the half digested ‘interpretations’ never seem to include the fact that they were found under burial mounds with other artifacts of the same period. Lozenge decorative motifs on both metal and ceramics are very common in the region around this time, there is nothing, other than the fact that they show that these people had a remarkable grasp of geometry (beyond that normally associated with the people who built Stonehenge) to suggest any ‘outside’ let alone ‘alien’ influence whatsoever!

The interpretation of these gold lozenges, which has transmuted as ‘alien memory devices’ in the alternative literature, has not been aided by the fact that for years they have actually been described on the web, and even in some well respected journals as ‘memory devices’, and ‘repositories of numeric data’. One equally outlandish claim is that they were ‘surveying instruments’ a kind of alidade which again is sometimes translated into ‘navigation devices’ The theories are all bunk, analysis of the design shows exactly how they were both constructed and decorated, and there is nothing whatsoever in either to show that anything – other than a developing knowledge of geometry, is behind their manufacture.

The real story behind the design of the Gold Lozenges Here

Below: How the ravages of time have taken their toll on Stonehenge Anthony Johnson©


3 Responses to “UFOs, Aliens, and ‘Gold memory Devices’ …”

  1. Look into what was taken from the Baghdad museum.
    You will find that withing the secret lower levels secret devices of the past were once kept.
    The practice of gold dust smelting… to live forever.
    And many weapons used prior to the great flood.
    The USA invasion was not for oil…

  2. I truely doubt that these gold objects were made by primitive peoples in England around 1700 BC. Where did they get the gold? Who taught them how to do such fine work? What purpose would it serve them? Where’s all the experts now who think that they know everything and are always right?

  3. OK Joe,
    You doubt the authenticity of the gold artifact known as the ‘Bush Barrow Lozenge’ and ask who taught them to do such fine work. You call the people ‘primitive’, they were far from primitive, ask yourself who taught them to build Stonehenge, or consider contemporary societies, such as those who made the remarkable royal jewelry found at Ur, see:


    Do you really believe that archaeologists have invented or are wrong about all that material? You ask where they got the gold, the same place people have always found or obtained gold, from river beds, mines or by trade. What purpose would it serve them? Well the same ‘purpose’ that any fine work of art ever served throughout the whole of human history. Before you set yourself up as an ‘expert’ yourself and qualified to question long established archaeological facts I seriously suggest you do some reading. I would add that archaeologists are very open to being proven wrong, that’s how we make progress in our understanding of the past. Why not take the matter up with the Wiltshire Heriage Museum, I’m sure they would be be able to help you – but first you need some basic knowledge.

    I suggest you start with something simple:


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